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Using a unique blend of Tarot, intuitive art, music, and spiritual guidance, I’m tapping into my intuition to channel messages for You using The Hrik Method!

I've developed a "Method", a set of steps, or parameters, to ensure I don't go completely off the rails. Sometimes I do things in a different order. Sometimes the messages come quickly and easily, sometimes they might at first seem murky and unattainable. In the end, The Hrik Method always brings everything together, with heart, soul and a clarity you won't find anywhere else.​


By tapping into my intuition - my deepest, most free form of creativity and magic - I connect with the spirit world. I let them guide my hand and my mind.


I conjure a custom made Tarot spread - just for you. The messages I receive for you I store internally, and write  down by hand. 


Continuing riding that wave of free flowing feelings, I  proceed to the creative arts. I let the spirits decide what media I'm working in, what colors to pick, what shapes to draw, and so on. I detach my ego, and become one with my craft. The end result is a unique, 1:1 arwork on unstretched canvas in roughly A4 size.


I always have a shuffled playlist playing, with thousands of hours of music from all genres, and there are usually a handful of tracks that align with my vibes. The music often works as a great clarifier.


In the end, when I have everything - the Tarot messages, the original intuitive artwork, the music, all my automatic writing  - I sit down and meditate with it for a while, before deciphering my scribbles and putting it all into a comprehensive pdf file.


I then email you the pdf, the link to your private Google Drive with the  photos and videos from the process, and the playlist. And I prepare the shipping of the artwork (with a certificate of authenticity), and my handwritten notes. I do the worldwide shipping with DHL, and this cost is INCLUDED in the $150.


When booking, please send your question(s) you want me to channel messages for. It is totally ok to not have any question at all - I love seeing what comes through!

Please also ensure you provide your correct postal address, your email address and your phone number, as this is required by DHL.

So, just a quick repeater. Included for $150  in The Hrik Method is:

✨ Your unique, intuitive Tarot spread.

✨ Your intuitively channeled artwork.

✨ Your personally curated music playlist.

✨ An extensive pdf describing all channeled messages

✨ Photos of all cards & video clips from the painting process!

✨ A private Google Drive with all digital files.

✨ Worldwide shipping (insured) of the original artwork with a certificate of authenticity.

Experience the one-of-a-kind and truly unique blend of Tarot reading & intuitive art!

The Hrik Method


  • Worldwide Shipping with DHL is included in cost of the artwork.

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