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About Hrik

Artist Statement

I'm Hrik, and I'm not what you expect.

I create magic art-portals.

Let me explain.

Stylistically, I live in the crossroads between surrealism, street art, low poly, and intuitive art.

The spontaneous and intuitive process I use requires a fast moving medium, so I use acrylics a lot. For the same reason, I favor smaller formats to paint on, and I'm not partaking in the peeing contest that is large format art.

My brushes play on regular canvases and watercolor papers, but also on glass sheets, ceramic tiles, branches, found objects from the junkyard, etc.

In addition to acrylics, I'm also BFF with Posca pens, ink, collaging, Lego, yarn, spray paint, to name-drop a few.

My divination methods range from runes, the tarot, connecting with nature or my inner child, music - anything that lights me up and facilitates the connection to my creative Self.

My focus is on the present and the excitement of the explorative journey ahead. 


My job is to NOT be a brand that's just painting the same, over and over.


My art is a magical practice. It's an expression of my free-thinking, psychonautic deep diving, and received esoteric wisdom.

My artworks are inter-dimensional portals receiving messages and creative inspiration from a realm nobody can explain. My art is a conduit for these revelations, the messages, that are spoken to the viewers of the art portals on their journeys.

My art resonates with the curious souls who dare to ask difficult questions, who dares to seek out the hidden, who appreciate the magic of experimentation


Born in 1973, Hrik's early life was soaked in artistic influence. Falling out of painting in his late teens he found a new passion in film, a career that saw him relocating to the Middle East for 12 years. It took profound self-discovery in his mid 40's to finally find his way back to painting again. Guided by therapy and spiritual awakening, Hrik embarked on a journey of intuitive artistry, defying convention and sparking a true artistic transformation.
As a father, husband, and entrepreneur, Hrik's empathy, authenticity and explorative mindset, shine through his art, resonating with audiences and collectors worldwide.


At the core of Hrik's process is intuition and a spiritual and deep passion for creativity.
He calls it the Hrik Method. Each creation done with The Hrik Method starts with a custom Tarot spread, translating the received messages into intricate strokes, colors, and shapes. This unique experience culminates in a channeled artwork connecting realms in a tangible way.
The Hrik Method is an experience like no other. Through this method, seekers are presented with an intimate, one-of-a-kind artwork that combines insights, melodies, and artistic revelations found during the creation journey. The final masterpiece, is a tangible connection between the realm of humans, the realm of the subconscious, and the spiritual realm.

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