Acrylic paint and ballpoint pen on masonite panel, 41x36 cm incl frame.


The park background I painted with closed eyes. Then I got this idea, of this enormous humanoid climbing/walking over the treetops! I soon realised that he was The Chanterelle Thief, there’ to steal the fleeing human’s harvest. What does this mean. It means that the secretive, hoarding, squirrel-like behaviour of many mushroom enthusiasts is getting challenged. Yes - buffer up by all means - but be prepared for curveballs! An unknown hero takes care of the Thief, but let this be a lesson! I painted this at a time in my personal life when I’m at a crossroads of sorts, and I’m trying to keep all options open, which definitely came through in this painting subconsciously.

The Chanterelle Thief

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    The frame is part of the artwork, so that is how it’s sold and shipped.

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