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Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds with "One Man's Trash," a captivating masterpiece crafted using The Hrik Method. 🎨✨ Unveil the magic of crinkles, as pen, acrylics, and intuition converge to create a unique portal of hidden knowledge. This artwork is more than a canvas—it's a testament to the boundless realm of artistic exploration.


Elevate your space with the essence of spontaneity and embrace the beauty of the unexpected. Let "One Man's Trash" be a reminder that artistry lies in the uncharted territories, waiting to be uncovered. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this enchanting creation into your world and infuse your surroundings with the spirit of adventure.


🛍️ Shop now and let "One Man's Trash" redefine the way you perceive artistic expression. 🌟🪄 #ArtisticAlchemy #HiddenKnowledge #CreativeExploration #UniqueArtwork #OneMansTrash

One Man's Trash (2023)

  • Acrylic paint and pen on A4 watercolor paper

    This is a unique, one of a kind artwork, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    The price is including VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

    Email me at for any questions, or if you want notes on the process for this artwork.

  • Select your shipping method in the next step. For alternate shipping options, or special instructions, please email me at

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