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Delve into the enigmatic world of 'Better The Devil You Know?'


This 1:1 artwork by Hrik is meticulously crafted using The Hrik Method. As you gaze upon its captivating lines and colors, you're invited to explore the intricate dance of choices and possibilities.

With every stroke, the artist has channeled the essence of navigating through life's dilemmas, offering a unique perspective on decision-making. 'Better The Devil You Know?' challenges conventional thinking, prompting you to question the boundaries of choices before you.


This masterpiece, born from the synergy of artistry and introspection, now extends its invitation to you. Own a tangible piece of contemplation that will not only adorn your space but also stir conversations that linger beyond the canvas.


Ready to embrace the spirit of embracing the unknown? Seize the opportunity to bring 'Better The Devil You Know?' into your world. Illuminate your surroundings with a piece that sparks contemplation and invites introspection. Make your choice now, and let this artwork be your guide."

Better the devil you know (2023)

  • Acrylic paint and pen on A5 watercolor paper

    This is a unique, one of a kind artwork, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    The price is including VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

    Email me at for any questions, or if you want notes on the process for this artwork.

  • Select your shipping method in the next step. For alternate shipping options, or special instructions, please email me at

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