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title. 22.2.22

Year: 2022

Collection: Untitled

60x60x3 cm. Acrylic paint, fairy dust, spray paint, moon water, marker, gold spray, psychic energy - Price upon request.

Edition: 1/1

Using Moon Water from the recent full moon, real fairy dust, the spiritual guidance of @thefemmegenius , and my full arsenal of painting devices, I’ve created a super-portal for Transformation & Integration that will be especially powerful today, and especially at 2.22 PM where YOU are.

The entity depicted in “22.2.22” is a spirit inhabiting the portal. It transforms itself by integrating other energies! Normally an invisible spirit, in this artwork we witness it halfway through the trans-integration into a physical being! Once completed, it lays the foundation for a new, strong, and satisfying energy!

NFT here: 5.5 MB jpg 2685 × 2699 pixels, Edition 100/100 - Price 0.02 ETH

DM me your inquiries.

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