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title. Pops Art

Year: 2021

Collection: Untitled

3243 x 2612 px

SOLD 2021-07-09

Meet Hjalmar, my great grandfather on my dad’s side.
He was a kind but hulking character, and a spitting image of me. 
I recently astral travelled to his current dominion to connect with his spirit. 
We had a great chat, but he revealed that he wished he had been less grumpy in life. And he told me that the grumpiness runs in the family, and I have the power to put a stop to it!

So by giving him wings, and the confidence to follow his gut feeling, and not give a damn about what any critics say, I’ve not only freed him, but also myself, and put a stop to this generational grumpiness. 
Hjalmar & I can now be brave, rebel against injustice, and have full freedom of expression!
And in his new identity, Hjalmar now goes by the name Pops Art.

This artwork is SOLD.

pops art.jpg
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