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title. Inner Child

Year: 2021

Collection: Untitled

2735x2748 px

Edition: 1/1

An incomprehensible universe is best reflected in an incomprehensible story.
– Francis M. Nevis Jr

I’ve been visiting and talking a lot to my Inner Child the last few months. He tends to be present for most of the traumas I revisit, and we’re getting along better and better. 🤝

When I wanted to paint my inner child I thought long and hard about it. I didn’t just want to paint me as a boy. No. Going deeper I felt my heart - my true heart - is what visually represents my Inner Child. ❤️ It’s a bit weird perhaps. Not like everyone else. And gosh darn it, that’s ok. I can take care of my inner child now. Or I’ve started learning how to.

Also - on an artistic level - I’m experimenting with a bit of a new style, more angular, simpler, cleaner. More naive. And I like it. And where I’ve earlier spent weeks and weeks finishing a painting, I’ve now enjoyed going from start to finish in just about a week! ⏰And that’s including the time for a deep dive into the memories of my past and the visual concept development.

This artwork is strictly available as an NFT - make your bid HERE.

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