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title. Indigo

Year: 2020

Collection: The Akashic Records


A large portion of Indigo was painted blindfolded, as an intuitive exploration to let strictly the mind create art, without seeing with the eyes. After having marinaded as an abstract piece for a long time, Hrik discovered a face, and soon the true nature of the great Spirit of the Woods, Indigo, surfaced and made itself known. Non-framed acrylic on canvas.

To purchase the original one-of-a-kind canvas, please see my Shop!

This is also available as a 1/1 edition NFT, here.

If the canvas gets sold first I will burn the NFT file and remove from the blockchain.

However, if the NFT sells first I'll either torch the original canvas (I will send the buyer a video of it); or just remove the canvas from the market and keep it for myself and vow to never make it available for sale. If you buy the NFT the choice is yours!

A third option - incase you'd want both the canvas and the NFT - is: I'll ship you the canvas, remove the NFT from the blockchain, and then you, as the only owner of the original, would be able and allowed to mint your own NFT of it.

So many options lol..

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