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title. The Swan

Year: 2020

Collection: The Akashic Records


The elegant but fierce Swan provides strength and protection in times of uncertainty and conflict, and is one of Hrik’s spirit animals that came through to offer support and encouragement during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Acrylic on a stretched out canvas mesh found in a junkyard. Mounted on a pre-existing, basic wooden frame.

To purchase the original one-of-a-kind canvas, please see my Shop!

This is also available as a 1/1 edition NFT, here.

If the canvas gets sold first I will burn the NFT file and remove from the blockchain.

However, if the NFT sells first I'll either torch the original canvas (I will send the buyer a video of it); or just remove the canvas from the market and keep it for myself and vow to never make it available for sale. If you buy the NFT the choice is yours!

A third option - incase you'd want both the canvas and the NFT - is: I'll ship you the canvas, remove the NFT from the blockchain, and then you, as the only owner of the original, would be able and allowed to mint your own NFT of it.

So many options lol..


For The Swan, I found the frame with a in a junkyard, and my guess it is most likely a cabinet door for some piece of furniture, and it’s very light weight. The mesh itself resembles hemp in texture, and is very coarse and absorbent, which made painting on it a challenge, but also an intricate part of the experience. And as such, this is how the painting will be shipped, ready to be hung.

Leaning back and absorbing the energy around me at the time, mid February 2020, I just started with a big “S” shape over the dark blue background. Having then just gazed at it for a few days, and “feeling it in”, absorbing ut - understanding it - I realised that the S was a Swan (obviouSly) that wanted to appear for me. 


When the swan itself was finished, I still stronglý felt that there was something missing, and late one night - for some reason - I decided to go to town on the painting with cheap kids' acrylics I had bought at Ikea! I quickly realised I was onto something great, and added more and more detail! And then some. Lot’s of lines, dots, swirls, curvy strokes etc. And NOW the Swan found its true character! And so had I, in a way. 


I strongly felt that this Swan came to me, like an animal spirit of sorts, to give me strength and determination to pursue my true calling as an artist. This process - initial intuitive painting, followed by fine open-eyes painting, and finished off with decorative neon paints - was the initial start of my neo-expressionist style (I really dislike labels, but this is what I usually call it, when I need to), and especially for my collection, The Akashic Records.


The Swan is my only painting signed as “H.Friberg”, and not Hrik.

If you are interested in acquiring this piece (see links on, I’m happy to supply additional pics, and answer any questions.

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