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"The Crowning of a God" emerges as an artistic odyssey, taking nearly nine months to shape its intricate narrative. Its origins trace back to April 2020, when a collaboration with Hrik's daughter set the canvas in motion with vibrant Ikea acrylics. As time ripened, the canvas evolved, reflecting elements of the original creation and the vision it invoked.

In September, the artwork found itself in a back alley, where spray paint lent a textured dimension. Hrik's contemplation gave rise to a quick pen-and-paper sketch, a blueprint for an extraordinary birthing scene. Within this otherworldly tableau, an unnamed God takes center stage, emerging through the lens of creation. The birthing mother's presence hovers behind, three plump breasts cascading milk – a nourishing essence of life.

Three muses, once a crown lovingly painted by Hrik's daughter, morph into embodiments of inspiration and reverence, collecting the life-giving milk. These ethereal figures stand testament to the beauty of the unknown, transcending divine and human boundaries with their distinct visage.

The God's eyes, adorned with a mesmerizing constellation of mini-eyes, captivate with a unique allure. This ingenious twist redefines traditional depictions, infusing the deity with an enigmatic aura.

Within the canvas's embrace, the enigmatic Elephant/Mickey Mouse persona strides into view, an embodiment of Hrik himself, The Father. His outstretched arms, like a Rubik's Snake, symbolize inventive flexibility and a profound connection. The melting heart on his sleeve extends love to the Newborn God, an emotive exchange of soul and spirit.

To the right, the Midwife stands resolute, an extraordinary guardian of divine births. With numerous eyes, she presides over the sacred emergence, her presence both solemn and nurturing. Her distinct visage, with a beak-like mouth, bestows an air of gravity to her role. In her poised stance, she captures the essence of Gods coming to life.

"The Crowning of a God" is a masterpiece of detail and concept, a testament to Hrik's multifaceted artistic prowess. It invites you on an exploration of hidden intricacies and layers of thought. This culmination of creativity, nurtured over time, now stands as a favorite among Hrik's body of work, an embodiment of artistic dedication and vision.

Crowning of a God (2020)

1 000,00$Price
  • Acrylic paint, spray, ballpoint and marker on stretched canvas measuring 81x65cm.

    This is a unique, one of a kind artwork, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    The price is including VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

    Email me at for any questions, or if you want notes on the process for this artwork.

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