This is Hrik’s second blindfolded acrylic exploration, which summoned the mighty Athene Noctua, here in its winter coat. With the ability to see clear where there is darkness, nothing escapes this familiar.

To me, Athene Noctua is about seeing things clearly, about understanding that things are not what they might seem.


Acrylic paint on 55x65 cm stretched canvas.


This is also available as an NFT, here.

In case the canvas gets sold first I will burn the NFT file.

If the NFT sells first I'll either torch the original canvas (I can send you a video of it), or just remove it from the market and make it unavailable for sale, and keep it myself. If you buy the NFT the choice is yours!

Athene Noctua

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  • This is a unique, one of a kind artwork, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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