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Step into the captivating world of "№ 10: Extra Everything," a masterpiece that effortlessly intertwines the spirit of the sea with the striking allure of Dubai's skyline. Inspired by Hokusai's waves and crafted with an innovative approach, this artwork invites you to explore its depths and nuances.


A fusion of the old and the new, the painting features eyes that gaze into the horizon, and tentacles that extend with tender allure, symbolizing the sea's power to elevate or engulf.


This artwork holds a special place in Hrik's heart, emerging from a blind-painted background, transformed by the addition of Hokusai-inspired waves that pay homage to "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." The skyline that graces the horizon is Dubai's, a city where Hrik resided for 12 years. An intriguing mirage-like effect adds depth to the skyline, resonating with the city's intricate layers.


The unexpected revelation of eyes within the waves led to a profound realization – they belong to the spirit of the sea itself. A touch of intrigue is found in the upper eye, playfully reminiscent of a certain well-known figure. The incorporation of giant octopus arms, in true Kraken style, infuses a sense of mystique and reverence, while also celebrating the fascinating aesthetics of these creatures.


The artistic journey reaches its zenith as the painting itself interacts with its frame. Spray-painted in black and beige from outside of the front glass, the frame becomes an integral element of "№ 10: Extra Everything." It carries the essence of the artwork and is an essential part of its presentation and story.


Embrace this maximalist creation that seamlessly bridges the past and the present, as well as the elements of the sea and the marvels of human achievement. With its vivid symbolism, intricate layers, and the play of eyes and waves, "№ 10: Extra Everything" beckons you to delve deeper into its narrative, and to contemplate the dichotomies of power, allure, and the boundless expanse of the sea. If you're drawn to the mystique of this masterpiece, feel free to explore more angles of its evolution and inquire about its secrets from the artist himself.

№ 10: Extra Everything (2020)

1 000,00$Price
  • Acrylic, spray and ink on canvas. 73x53x2,5 cm incl frame

    This is a unique, one of a kind artwork, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    The price is including VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

    Email me at for any questions, or if you want notes on the process for this artwork.

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