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title. The Upsidedown

Year: 2021

Collection: Untitled

Acrylic paint, ballpoint pen, marker, blood, sweat, tears

Edition: 1/1

The Snake Lady & The Crow welcomes you to The Upsidedown.

Like an electron in a double-slit experiment this artwork tells a different story, depending on How you view it. It’s a matter of perspective. What’s up? What’s down? And when?

How do you Feel when you observe it? What do You bring with you?

Is it the same right now and tomorrow?


NFT: 12,4 MB png 2883 × 2857 pixels

Canvas: 80x80x4 cm. Acrylic paint, collage, ballpoint pen, marker, blood, sweat, tears.

This is a unique, one of a kind artwork - so when it's gone, it's gone.

Physical sale here
NFT sale here

DM me your inquiries.

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