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title. Air Your Dirty Laundry

Year: 2020

Collection: The End of the Todo List

Acrylic, collage, and ballpoint on meshed cardboard

31x26cm with frame

20x15cm without frame

I sat down late one night and just went to town totally intuitively with my paints on this small, old painting I had just found at the local junk yard.

I had a pile of laundry next to me while I was painting and I was thinking about airing your dirty laundry, revealing your secrets, coming clean about something.

I realize that for some people, me finding a lot of my painting materials in a junk yard is frowned upon. Worse still - I’m painting over somebody else’s art! Yikes!

But personally, I really like this.

I like recycling and contributing to a healthier and cleaner planet. And if somebody has decided to trash an old painting, that is the death of that piece of art. It was meant to be destroyed.

So, I’m totally ok with reviving the media I found, and making the art mine! 

Sometimes I leave a tiny section of the original, as an homage.

Additionally, it saves me a tonne of money not buying the same art materials in a store! 

I happily Air My Dirty Laundry.

And I feel great about it!


If you are interested in acquiring this piece, I’m happy to supply additional pics, and answer any questions about my process etc.

To purchase, please see my Shop​!

This is also available as a 1/1 edition NFT, here.

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