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title. Symbiosis

Year: 2020

Collection: The End of the Todo List

Acrylic & spray on cotton canvas'

30x40cm (38x47x3 cm incl frame)


“The symbiosis of my Artistry, my Job, and my Family.”

If you are interested in acquiring this piece, I’m happy to supply additional pics, and answer any questions.

To purchase, please see my Shop​!


“Symbiosis” is the first painting in my next suite of paintings, following my previous collection “The Akashic Records”. Since I’m currently really deep into dark, Dutch, gold-brown-near black art, that influenced me during the initial intuitively blind-painted beginning of Symbiosis. 

And soon a face emerged… Spooky!

I wanted to add something very contrasting to the murky face, and had the idea of adding almost like a circuit board pattern in the lower right corner. That of course developed to the full right-side frame you see now. 

Being very inspired I then frantically splashed neon colours all over lol. It was very much a spur of the moment decision. And that made the whole painting going from pretty moody and borderline scary, to way more fun and interesting! I finally felt that the piece was complete!

So. The dark subtle face is my Artistry; the circuitry is my Job; and the neon splashes are my Family Of course, I had no idea about that when I started the painting! I had been challenged by my art therapist to imagine a way to balance these 3 big parts of my life, in the form of a sketch. She wanted me to find a way these quite separate parts can work in harmony for me. And so it was only when we looked at this painting together during a session that I/we realized that this painting was actually that sketch she had requested, totally unbeknownst to me. There you go. Welcome to my world.

Little known fact: At an early stage, the work in progress name for “Symbiosis” was “Golden Boy Jamie Oliver”. Make of that what you will.

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