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title. tile_04_windy_fall_2_shadows_31_eyes

Year: 2020

Collection: The Akashic Records

20x25 cm

Acrylic on ceramic tile

“Happiness & Personal expression!
Don’t give a damn  just go for it!
Align with your intuition, and life to its fullest”


If you are interested in acquiring this piece, I’m happy to supply additional pics, and answer any questions.

To purchase, please see my Shop​!


While “tile_03_paradise_reborn” was probably my darkest piece of art ever, “tile_04_my_2_shadows_and_31_eyes” is my brightest, most positive, and high vibe, high energy painting! By far! It’s not the antidote to tile_03, it’s the continuation of it, what comes after. Which is fitting as tile_04 is the final tile in a series of 4.

Tile_04 started out as a drip-stop for when I was  painting Vegvisr, and I had paint dripping everywhere! Those are the silver/pink patterns in the middle. At first I looked at it upside down, and I thought it was an exclamation mark, but then quickly realised I needed to flip it, and it’s a person! Actually, it is ME! And “for some weird reason” (ever heard that before from me..?) I made first 1, and then 2 shadows…! I even numbered them lol. But I’ve realised that those are my two shadows that are always with me. My artist side, and the side with everything else. They are not negative because they’re shadows, nor are they positive or neutral - they are just different sides of me.

Then I added the flowing scarf and hair (my head is shaved, but I guess this is how I see myself, subconsciously. EIther way, it is a windy scene! Fresh! Rejuvenating! It’s me enjoying everything happening around me.

And then, the eyes. Those are not small flowers all around me, if you thought that! Those are eyes. 31 of them. And they’re all looking at me. And wow, if you can believe it - I enjoy it! Me, the shyest person in the room, basking in the attention!
And that is what this is about. Being honest with yourself, finding you’re true self, and enjoying the ride, in every way!
tile_04_my_2_shadows_and_31_eyes is part The Akashic Records collection, and Hrik’s 5th foray into the dark arts of painting on found ceramic tiles.

tile_04_my_2_shadows_and_31_eyes is treated with a transparent layer of lacquer in the end. It is not framed, and that is how it's sold and shipped.
If you are interested in acquiring this piece of art (link in bio), I’m happy to supply additional pics (including of the early stages progress), and answer any questions. If you’d be interested in the full series of 4 tiles as a set, DM me and we can discuss a discount.

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