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title. tile_03_paradise_reborn

Year: 2020

Collection: The Akashic Records

20x25 cm

Acrylic on ceramic tile

“Explosions! Chaos! Death! Fire & Destruction!
My heart feels for all the suffering,
Out of ashes comes new life. Ever-changing and immortal energy..”

If you are interested in acquiring this piece, I’m happy to supply additional pics, and answer any questions.

To purchase, please see my Shop​!


This one is pretty dark.. Probably my darkest painting thus far. A lot of negative energy, all in reds and blacks, I even had to add the word “chaos” to it. Upon sharing this with my mentor, she immediately saw the sinking ship in the top left corner! Not sure if it’s Titanic per se, but something along those lines. So this is a lot of “stuff” I just had to get out and “exorcise”. So it’s a cathartic painting more than anything. And, here’s the thing. I really believe that this is like an apocalyptic scene, a crescendo, a climax. An Ending, with a capital E. And after that..? Rebirth. Something new, and beautiful, and true, and real, and honest. A new start. So even if the depiction itself is “dark”, it has a very positive message for me. This is The End of all the pandemonium, and it’s clearing the way for positivity!

The title is of course a reff on Milton’s classic, Paradise Lost, which I wrote a lengthy essay on back in University, 


tile_03_paradise_reborn is treated with a transparent layer of lacquer in the end. It is not framed, and that is how it's sold and shipped.
If you are interested in acquiring this piece of art (link in bio), I’m happy to supply additional pics (including of the early stages progress), and answer any questions.

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