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title. tile_02_watermelon_croczilla

Year: 2020

Collection: The Akashic Records

20x25 cm

Acrylic on ceramic tile

SOLD - 2021-06-09

“Is it a watermelon?

Is it a crocodile? 

Is it Godzilla? 

No! It is Watermelon Croczilla!

And he’s  enjoying the fun of the chase, the thrill of the game, the joy of the challenge!"


Weeee, see the happy crocodile there? Well, he came to me pretty late on actually.

Back in the dawn of time, this was a fairly typical “tile_” themed tile - as in way more experimental, more intuitive and fast painted, much more abstract, more out there in general, and painted on a tile obvs. But then, just in a magical way, when it was coming together, first I started seeing all these tiny people running away from something. But what..? Och Watermelon Croczilla of course! I saw the head and teeth, and back which had all been there since the beginning. And the3 huge claws! So then all I did was to dive in and simply accentuate the basic croc-zill outline - and then this baby was delivered! But what on Earth does it mean. Clearly it is about the fun of the chase. The thrill of the game. The joy of the challenge.


This is - in my opinion - about me thoroughly enjoying and loving what I do, and enjoying challenging the world of art.


Tile_02_watermelon_croczilla is treated with a transparent layer of lacquer in the end. It is not framed, and that is how it's sold and shipped.

If you are interested in acquiring this piece of art (link in bio), I’m happy to supply additional pics (including of the early stages progress), and answer any questions.

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